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10. December
10. December
>> I started imitating some of the things the winners did. I was fascinated by NA. I felt good... <
Basic Text (English), p. 223

We often hear in meetings that we should stick with the winners. Who are the winners in Narcotics Anonymous? Winners are easy to spot. They actively work in the recovery program, living in the solution and not in the problem. The winners are always ready to help newcomers. You have sponsors and work with them. The winners stay clean - just for today.

Winners are recovering addicts who maintain a positive attitude. You may be having a hard time, but you still continue to attend meetings and share openly about them. Winners know in their hearts that - with the help of their Higher Power - nothing will come their way that they cannot handle.

Winners strive for unity in their service work. Winners practice putting “principles over people.” Winners observe the principle of anonymity and act accordingly, no matter who they are dealing with.

Winners don't lose their sense of humor. Winners can laugh at themselves. And when winners laugh, they laugh with you - not at you.

Who are the winners in Narcotics Anonymous? All of us can be considered winners. We all have some characteristics of winners. Sometimes we come very close to the ideal, sometimes less. If we are clean today and work our program as best we can - then are we winners.

Only for today: I will strive to fulfill my ideals. I will be one of the winners.

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