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27. February
“Morally sound” motives
27. February
>> We examine our actions, reactions and motives. Often we find that we acted better than we felt. <
Basic Text, p. 54

Imagine a book of daily meditations that says, "When you wake up in the morning, take some time to think before you get up. Lie back down, collect your thoughts, and think about what you plan to do that day. Go "Go through the motives for these plans one by one. If your motives are not entirely morally sound, roll over and go back to sleep." That would be nonsense, wouldn't it?

Regardless of the length of our clean time, almost all of us have mixed motivations for almost everything we do. However, that is no reason to stop our lives. We do not have to wait until our motives are completely morally sound before we can begin living our recovery.

As the program begins to become part of our lives, we become less and less likely to act on our more questionable motives. We check ourselves regularly and we talk to our sponsor about what we find out. We pray to know our Higher Power's will for us and strive for the strength to carry out that will as we know it. And the result of that? We're not going to be perfect, but we're really getting better.

We started working on a spiritual program. We will never become spiritual giants. But if we look at ourselves realistically, we may notice that we acted better than we felt.

Only for today: I will examine myself realistically. I will seek the strength to act from my best motives rather than my worst.

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