For relatives

Help from NA

Does someone in your family or circle of friends use drugs?

As a family member, partner, or friend of an active addict, you may be deeply concerned. Maybe you've already offered all the help you can think of. What to do? Our experience shows that help is possible when the addict themselves feel the desire to get off the drugs.

This is where Narcotics Anonymous can be of help. We are a self-help community of addicts supporting each other to get and stay sober. Many of us have found our way to a fulfilling and self-determined life with the help of regular participation in NA meetings. Participation in NA is voluntary and free of charge. A desire to stop using drugs is the only requirement to become a member of NA.


NA's offer of help

Narcotics Anonymous offers a mutual support program for addicts in their quest to lead a drug-free life. All ages are represented at NA; even very young addicts or teens can get clean with the help of NA.

If you have a minor child who is affected, we recommend the leaflets on our information page, which are aimed at young addicts or at parents and legal guardians.

NA is purely a self-help community. We do not offer therapy, counseling or prevention. For appropriate offers, please contact the local drug advice center or a doctor you trust.

Interested in NA?

If you are interested in attending one of our meetings or if you would like to accompany your relative, then you are welcome to our so-called open meetings.  In addition to those affected, interested non-addicts can also take part in open meetings.

However, NA meetings are an offering aimed at the addict themselves. The right to speak is therefore reserved for the addict. Feel free to ask us any questions before or after the meeting!

help for relatives

NA caters specifically to addicts. For you as a relative, there are offers from other organizations and self-help groups such as Nar-Anon or Families Anonymous. Narcotics Anonymous is not affiliated with these organizations, nor do we recommend one group over the other. To find out which support groups for relatives of addicts are in your area, contact your local support group contact point.