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New to Narcotics Anonymous? Then you must have many questions! Here you will find some answers.

NA meetings are regular meetings at fixed times and places. As a rule, they also take place on public holidays. Anyone who thinks they have a drug problem of any kind is welcome. Participation is always voluntary and free. We distinguish between "closed meetings” – only those affected may participate – and “open meetings” – in addition to those who are affected themselves, interested non-addicts are also welcome. Speaking ("sharing") in all meetings is reserved for addicts.

NA is for anyone who believes they have a problem with Drugs of any kind to have. It doesn't matter whether you drank illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, hashish, party drugs or alcohol or took medication. You are also welcome regardless of age, skin color, social background, religion or sexual orientation. Only that is enough Wish, to quit drugs.

NA is a worldwide self-help network of addicts who want to live clean. In our meetings and beyond, we support each other to cope with daily life. Everyone only talks about them own experiences and it is not discussed in the meetings; so no one will give you advice or tell you what to do; however, you can learn from the experiences of others.

No! Any addict is welcome at NA, even if he or she is not yet clean. All we ask is: come back and try to come back clean

Yes! If you feel more comfortable coming with someone you trust, feel free to bring someone with you. For this there is the so-called "open meetings”, where interested non-addicts are also welcome. However, we ask your companion to just listen; talking ("sharing") is reserved for addicts.

Being clean in NA means complete abstinence from all drugs. By this we mean all legal and illegal mind-altering drugs and medicines, as well as alcohol. You don't have to be clean when you come into your first meeting, though. We cannot give you any advice on medical questions such as medication prescribed by the doctor.

Yes! NA is open to all addicts. The only requirement for participation: the to stop using drugs. Abstinence is not a requirement for coming to NA. We cannot give you any advice on medical questions such as substitute drugs, substitution or medication. However, our experience shows that substituted members can also get and stay clean in NA.

No, attending our meetings is always voluntary and free. During the meetings, however, a donation box goes around, where everyone is welcome to contribute something anonymously. Because NA finances itself exclusively through own and voluntary donations of the members and rejects any financial support from outside. Proceeds will be used to pay for meeting room rent, coffee and literature, and all other Narcotics Anonymous services and offerings such as our free helpline or this website.

no There are no therapists in NA. Our main offer are the regular ones Meetings, in which only those affected are involved. In the meetings we help each other to stay clean in everyday life - we share our personal experiences of clean living.

Narcotics Anonymous has no opinion on therapeutic offerings; so we can't recommend anything for you. We also do not offer advice; for addiction counseling, medical, legal, therapeutic or social counseling or support, please contact the appropriate offices.

The course of a meeting follows certain guidelines that are similar worldwide. The focus is on the personal experiences with addiction and recovery. There is no interruption, discussion or advice; everyone can – if necessary within a certain time frame – finish talking. You can find out more about the process of a meeting here.

Participation in NA is always voluntarily.  We have in meetings no member lists or participation control. If you with one Therapy or probation condition come, but some groups offer the opportunity to you to certify participation. This is a voluntary offer of the respective meeting - please ask beforehand if you need a certificate.

We attach great importance confidentiality – What was said in the meeting and who was present is not shared with the outside world. This protection of personal anonymity guarantees one safe frame. Social status, origin or personal details play no role for us; we use only our first names and are all equal members in meetings, no matter where we are from, how long we've been clean, or whatever else we do in our lives.

Our main offer are the meetings We use that 12-step program, which was adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous and has been used worldwide since the 1930s. In addition, experienced members work with new members and offer assistance with the 12-step program. All activities at NA will unsalaried organized. We support each other in living clean.

sponsorship means that experienced members work together with new members. A sponsor is a personal contact person, a sort of mentor within NA. More personal things can be discussed with sponsors that you might not want to share in the group. Your role is also to guide the member through the 12 Steps of NA. You choose the sponsor yourself, eg if the person seems trustworthy to you.


Yes! You are welcome at NA, no matter what drug you've used—and regardless of your skin color, social background, religion, or sexual orientation. All ages are represented at NA. There are meetings in different languages ​​(German, French, Italian, English) as well as meetings for certain groups, e.g. women, men as a particularly protected space. Abstinence is not a requirement; Addicts in substitution programs or pre-clean addicts are also welcome.

Our meetings offer a safe, drug-free setting. In all meetings it is expressly requested that no drugs or carry accessories with you. It is important to us that the meetings recovery from addiction: in NA we offer one another Support in getting and staying clean. Being clean is though keine voraussetzung for participation, but we strive complete abstinence from all drugs, including alcohol.

our group meetings, Meetings called, are the core offering of NA; this is where clean addicts meet to share and help each other stay clean. Of course, this also creates differences among the members friendships. There are regular local, regional and also international ones Events (“Conventions”), at which meetings on various topics, workshops and a disco in the evening take place over several days; there are also barbecue parties, day events or clean discos.

Other leisure activities are not offered by NA, but rather organized among themselves in a private setting.

no We speak of "God as I understand him” and mean by that a force or higher power that is greater than ourselves. Everyone can imagine what he wants by that. In the context of the NA program we speak of spiritual principles. By this we mean values ​​such as openness, willingness, honesty, etc. NA has No opinion on religious or other questions. It's not for nothing that NA works worldwide, regardless of the prevailing belief system

No! Narcotics Anonymous is grassroots democracy organized, there is no leader or guru. We work clean unsalaried and offer help self-help by and for those affected. All offers at NA are free and are funded by own donations on a voluntary basis. Membership is too voluntarily.