Relatives’ questions & our answers

I think one of my family members has a problem with drugs. What can I do?

It is our experience that there is not much we can do other than suggest that person go to an NA meeting. It is up to that person whether or not they wish to admit they have a problem and are willing to seek help. The addict who wants help needs to reach out and get help.

Can anyone attend NA meetings?

There are two types of NA meetings, open meetings and closed meetings. Anyone may attend an open NA meeting regardless of whether they have a problem or not. This includes family members, professionals, students, etc.

Only those who think they may have a problem with drugs or may consider themselves addicts may attend closed meetings. This is to insure the anonymity of members who wish to have their identity remain private.

Remember, you are an NA member if and when you say so. The only requirement for NA membership is a desire to stop using.

Does NA operate detox or treatment centers?

No. Although it may be the experience of some of our members to have attended one or both of these types of facilities, NA remains simply a fellowship of men and women helping one another recover from the disease of addiction.