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Am I an addict?

This may not be an easy question. All through our using, we told ourselves, »I can handle it.« Perhaps you admit you have a problem with drugs, but you don’t consider yourself an addict. If you have doubts about whether or not you’re an addict, take a few moments to read the questions in the pamphlet »Am I an addict« and answer them as honestly as you can.
Pamphlet »Am I an addict?«

Is NA for me?

The only requirement for membership in Narcotics Anonymous is the desire to stop using. Membership is not limited to a specific drug. Anyone who thinks they might have a problem with drugs is welcome – whether it’s a legal or an illegal substance or alcohol. The recovery in NA focuses on the problem of addiction and not on a specific drug.
Pamphlet »Welcome to Narcotics Anonymous«
Pamphlet »For the Newcomer«

Coming to your first NA-Meeting?

We call our weekly group sessions meetings. Addicts may attend any meeting they like. There is no need to register in advance.

Here’s what you can expect at a meeting:

At meetings we talk about the effect of addiction on our lives and what recovery gives us. Each of us speaks only about his or her own experience; we don’t give each other advice or lectures. We are financed by our own donations and are independent of other organisations.

Meeting venues

Meetings take place in easily accessible spaces that we rent. You will find lists of all NA meetings there, also available at www.narcotics-anonymous.ch.
We begin and end meetings on time. We do not talk about who was at a particular meeting or what was spoken of there. This helps us feel comfortable and secure.
Drugs are not permitted at meetings. Harrassment, threats and disruptive behaviour are out of place. NA is a spiritual, non-religious programme.
At meetings we share our experience, strength and hope. It works! Come to a meeting and see for yourself.
You’ll find meetings in four languages: German, French, Italian and English Helpline: 0840 12 12 12
Meeting list of Narcotics Anonymous Switzerland

Questions & answers

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.